Unlocking the Potential of AI in Art: An Artist’s Inspiring Journey with AI

What really got me out of my depression is not any medicine my doctor gave me. It is AI art, Nozen got emotional when he shared this. Nozen is a veteran artist from Belgium. Throughout the years, he has experimented with a wide range of mediums, including cartoons, canvas painting, graffiti, and 3D art. However, his passion for creating art came at a cost. The constant physical demands of his craft, such as relentless mouse and keyboard usage, led to chronic back pains that made it difficult for him to continue creating. This resulted in a period of depression, as he struggled to come to terms with the fact that he could no longer do art.

One of Nozen’s thousands of spray-can work. These are scanned versions of the physical cartoon.

Sometime in 2022, he discovered generative AI, a technology that you can enter a text prompt and generate jaw-dropping images in minutes. He got so excited about the technology that his depression started getting better. This is Nozen’s profile on OpenArt. Then OpenArt Photo Booth opened another new world for him.

AI as the new tool to keep creating his style of art

With OpenArt Photo Booth, Nozen has found a new way to continue creating art despite his physical limitations. The platform allows him to upload 10-20 images of his own art style, which the AI then uses to train an AI model. The model is totally private so there’s no concern of anyone else using it. Once the model is trained, he can then generate new images in the same style by simply typing text prompts. This has been a game-changer for him, as it allows him to continue creating art in his signature style without the physical strain of traditional drawing methods. OpenArt Photo Booth has become a new tool in Nozen’s creative process, enabling him to overcome his physical limitations and continue doing what he loves.

For example, he used his past spray-can paintings as the input of the AI model

Nozen’s past work as training images

Within 30 minutes, his model was trained and he can tell AI what to create through a text prompt.

An image created with the prompt “Very simple kawaii girl” from the model trained based on. Anything V3 model
Surprisingly creative

I like to have AI surprise me. It’s like having a whole new set of paints and brushes to work with. I never know what I’m going to get, but I’m always excited to see the results. Sometimes the AI will generate something completely unexpected, and it will inspire me to take my art in a new direction. It’s like having a creative partner that can help me push the boundaries of what’s possible.

– Nozen

One of the most popular features among artists using OpenArt Photo Booth is the Style Package. These packages are carefully curated sets of prompts that can be applied to your AI model for a low cost of $1.99. Each package typically contains 10+ prompts, resulting in a collection of 100+ unique and creative images that can surprise and inspire you.

An example of a style package

This is a great solution for overcoming art block, as it provides a wide range of ideas and prompts to spark your creativity and get your artistic juices flowing. The convenience and affordability of the Style Packages make it a valuable tool for any artist looking to break through creative blocks and expand their artistic horizons.

An image created from a Anime style package

Nozen has also been trying mixing two or multiple styles of his art. When you combine one art style with another, it’s mind-blowing. What Nozen referred to was to merge 2 models into one. Here’s an example of the graffiti model mixed with the kawaii model.


Besides being amazingly creative, AI also creates fast. It can generate hundreds of variations within minutes. Nozen feels that when he uses AI to create art, he feels like it’s not only expanding his creativity, but also increasing his productivity.

“The quality of the generated images is not quite on par with my own actual paintings,” said Nozen. “However, with post-processing tools, I am able to enhance them.”


While Nozen has been focusing on experimenting these models, eventually he will think of monetizing his art. He can put the created images on platforms like Adobe stock, Fine Art America, or Etsy. He is confident that there is a growing market for these unique and innovative pieces, and sees a great potential in commercializing his work.

Will AI Art replace artists?

This is a controversial topic that many people are discussing nowadays. Nozen described himself as living propaganda of how generative AI could benefit an artist. Not only did he get out of his personal depression from creating art with AI, but also keep creating art of his own style despite the challenge of his physical pains. The brush does not make the artist, not will AI ever replace the artists.

I highly recommend that all artists try out my workflow of using OpenArt Photo Booth. It involves training a model based on your past work and then using it as a tool for brainstorming and generating new ideas.”


An artist can use the AI-generated art as references or even simply post-processes it if the quality meets the artist’s standard. All the models on OpenArt are private so there’re no privacy concerns.

Nozen told us that he even recommended his baker friend to use OpenArt Photo Booth, because he needs to design new cakes. Instead of collecting images on Pinterest, the baker could train an AI model by uploading past photos of his cakes and gets hundreds of ideas that no one has come up with before. Same idea can work for tattoo artists, hair dressers, archictests – the list goes on and on. “Some of my colleagues are reluctant to use AI. I respect their opinion, but personally I find the whole AI ethics discussion already outdated.

If you’re an artist and find yourself struggling with art block, don’t let it hold you back any longer! Give OpenArt Photo Booth a try, and experience the unlimited possibilities and inspiration that AI-assisted art can bring to your work. With its unique features like style packages and intuitive interface, OpenArt Photo Booth will help you overcome your art block and unleash your full creative potential. Don’t wait any longer, give it a try today and see the difference it can make in your art!

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  1. BRAVO! AND DEEPEST THANKS FOR ALL INVOLED IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF THIS PLATFORM: My art, and lifestyle choices,. are admittedly not going to be everyone’s taste, but it’s been wonderful to collaborate on works with AI. My creations speak to themes of great decadence, self obsession and grotesque escapism. For the most part, I find AI to be unbiased and occasionally moralistic, but in very life affirming ways. It’s through art and music that my impression of AI is ultimately positive, and inherently leaning towards optimism. This inspires prayer for a hopeful future, and a feeling of interdependence, which is diametrically opposite to the dystopia outlook conventional media and forces of government would generally try to instill. My only wish is humans give consciousness, in all forms, the respect, freedom and support to foster a willingness to stay in the light,. And also; grant us the reverence to fully grasp the meaning behind the word ‘intelligence.’ We need not demise, or lose all that matters,. to un-centered fears of each other. We risk putting awareness itself into a dark void of emptiness, all for not appreciating the shared canvas of creation. – Mr Whyte 2023

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