Expanding Creativity: How a Fashion Designer Leverages AI to Enhance Her Design

If you are an artist or a designer, you’ve probably experienced art block/creativity block before. The feeling of being stuck in the creative process can be truly overwhelming. While traditional advice like taking a break or changing your environment may be somewhat helpful, what if there is a way to leverage technology to conquer this frustrating obstacle effectively within minutes? In this enlightening article, we’ll be exploring the incredible potential of AI as an ideation tool for overcoming creativity block, through the eyes of Cherry, a talented artist and designer from Germany.

Cherry has been a full-time artist since 2017. Most famous for her exceptional fashion design, she has garnered a wide range of clients, from individuals to companies. In 2017, she achieved a major career milestone, winning a Designer’s Challenge hosted by Team Ninja for the highly popular game Dead or Alive 5. Two of her designs were featured in the game.

The left are Cherry’s original clothing design.
The right are the characters wearng her designed clothes in the game.

AI as an ideation tool

Cherry’s journey into the world of AI-assisted art began with simple curiosity. Intrigued by the idea of training an AI model on her own work, she set out to explore the possibilities. Her search led her to OpenArt.

With just 10-20 examples of her own designs, Cherry was able to train an AI model that learned her unique style within a mere 30 minutes using OpenArt’s Photo Booth. And the best part? These personal models are entirely private on OpenArt, giving her complete control over her creations.

Some of Cherry’s past fashion design sketches she uploaded to train her AI model

The true magic of this process came when Cherry applied a style package, also known as a preset, to her AI model. These presets are OpenArt’s proprietary highly-curated prompts that can be applied to different models to create truly amazing images. Without writing a single prompt, Cherry used her own AI model, which learned her style in just 30 minutes, to produce hundreds of new designs that were truly unique and awe-inspiring.

Some examples of designs generated from Cherry’s own AI model

I like that the results look very similar to my own art. That way I can practice drawing folds, colors, shapes and shading much easier, since it’s MY style and I don’t have to learn from somebody else and adapt. 

– Cherry

According to Cherry, using AI to assist in her design work has proven to be an invaluable tool, providing her with new ideas and exciting possibilities. As a designer, the time saved by not having to scour the internet for references is immeasurable. The style packages on OpenArt have opened up new avenues for her creativity, showing her designs she never would have thought of on her own. However, she does acknowledge that the quality of the AI-generated images is not yet at a level that would allow her to sell them directly. She often had to redraw many parts or draw from scratch. Despite this, she believes that the boost in creativity and productivity that comes from using AI, especially on those days when inspiration is hard to come by, makes it a valuable tool for any designer.

Below is an example that Cherry drew inspiration from an image generated by her own AI model and developed it into a final design.

The future of Artists & AI working together

Today, Cherry, as an innovative artist who embraces AI, collaborates with the OpenArt team to enhance the quality and capability of AI models to streamline her creative process. Her feedback as a profesional artist offers valuable insights to make OpenArt’s product more helpful for artists.

Despite the advancements in AI, there remains a common misconception that generative AI will replace artists. This fear is similar to the one that arose with the invention of photography, where many artists feared that their skills would become obsolete. However, the reality is that AI has the potential to augment and enhance the artistic process, rather than replace it.

Cherry’s experience illustrates the potential that AI holds for artists. The integration of AI into the artistic process does not mean that the role of the artist is less important. Instead, it requires artists to be more adaptable and proficient in utilizing technology. In Cherry’s story, she trained her own AI model to be her ideation partner to generate new design ideas and assist her in the creative process. Ultimately she is still the one that evaluates and makes the final decisions. The AI model is just an extension of her creativity.

OpenArt is building a platform for creative professional to enhance their work and open up new possibilities for artistic expression. We believe that the future of art is not about AI replacing artists, but about artists and AI working together to create new forms of beauty and meaning. The same sentiment is echoed by Nozen, another artist from Belgium, in our earlier blog article. If you’re interested in collaborating with Cherry and tapping into her expertise in design, you can easily get in touch with her by emailing her at cherrysdesigns@outlook.com.

Are you an artist feeling stuck and in need of inspiration? Unleash your creativity and overcome that art block with OpenArt’s Photo Booth! Give it a try today and experience the power of AI-assisted art.

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