Revolutionizing Marketing Visuals: 3 New Tools for Marketers

Did you know, that most people forget 45% of what they see almost immediately after they see it? This means that almost half of consumers forget the visual that may have taken days to find or produce, therefore also forgetting the product along with it. Not to mention that almost all marketers use stock images, picking from the same pool of limited options. This results in overused, boring stock photos that fail to grab an audience’s attention, and keep it long enough to receive their information.

This is why we have launched three new tools that can help marketers gain visual assets for their brand that are more unique, more accessible, and leave a stronger impression on their audience. Let’s dive in to how Stock Image Transformer, Custom People Stock Photos, and Artistic AI QR Codes can help marketers succeed.

Stock Image Transformer

Our new feature, Stock Image Transformer, can help you transform overused stock images into something completely unique, and tailor them to suit your needs, resulting in marketing materials that are completely original.

Here is an example of how it works:

This new feature allows you to make stock images more customized because you can describe exactly how you want the image to turn out.

Here is another example:

Let’s start with this photo.

Here is what the AI was able to generate when it is set to “creative.”

Not only did the AI generate high quality, realistic versions of the original image, it also noticeably increased the quality of the original photo.

Here are some more examples of what it can do when set to “most creative”:

The possibilities are truly endless with what Stock Image Transformer can create, and as technology advances, we can see it having a positive effect on visual marketing.

After asking our current users for feedback on this feature, we received this comment from an unnamed user who works in marketing,

“Right now, this is as good as something like this can get, from what I’ve seen of the field. This is an incredibly useful feature for bosses who demand numerous variations on everything. “

-Anonymous user

Our goal is for marketers to be able to easily access original, high-quality images so that they no longer have to struggle finding the perfect stock photo. We hope that not only larger marketing agencies benefit from this technology, but smaller businesses with limited budgets will have more accessibility to great visuals for their marketing strategies as well.

Custom People Stock Photos

Custom People Stock Photos for anyone who needs a specific stock image they either they can’t find elsewhere, or don’t have the budget to pay for one. This feature allows you to create custom stock images from scratch, handpicking your subject, with no prompting needed. The best thing about this feature is how simple it is to use.

We give you plenty of options to choose from, making creating your own stock images straightforward and customized.

Because this feature allows you to choose the ethnicity of your subjects, marketers are able to represent the communities they serve, and create better representation in their visuals.

Prompts are always optional. For a more tailored image, you can add specific details such as “walking” and “on a beach.”

Step 4 and 5 give you finer control over your result, so you can eliminate generations that stray too far away from what you need.

You can even add a reference photo and make it more specific.

Aspect ratio, allows you to create your image the exact size you want.

With these prompts selected, here is what the AI was able to generate:

If you aren’t happy with something, you can head over to Magic Brush, and edit it easily. For example, in the photo on the top right, the straps on this woman’s shirt don’t belong, and don’t have a backpack attached to it, which is a little strange. Let’s edit it out in Magic Brush.

Simply add your photo, color in the part you want removed/edited, and type in a simple prompt such as “remove.”

No more straps!

Custom People Stock Photos empower marketers to celebrate the beauty of diversity, connect on a personal level, and tell stories that resonate deeply. As we navigate the future of marketing, AI-generated stock photos stand as a testament to the potential technology has to amplify creativity and connect people to one another through visuals.

QR Codes Reimagined: How OpenArt Elevates Visual Appeal

Have you ever felt annoyed when you were presented with a QR code and told to “scan here” to access information? In the fast-paced world of marketing, every pixel counts. Annoyance is the last thing you want your audience to feel when they are presented with a QR code. With our new Artistic AI QR code, your code can play a pivotal role in grabbing your audience’s attention and leaving a lasting impression.

With a QR code that looks as visually appealing as this one, it not only is eye catching but also sparks curiosity.

Successful marketers create a curious enough audience that they want to learn more about the product or service you provide them with. Incorporating artistic QR codes into your marketing strategy will do just that.

Using OpenArt, you can customize various aspects of your QR code by choosing from one of our styles and customizing it to match your unique brand identity through a simple prompt.

Meet Ryan, the owner of a coffee bean company. His coffee is sold at a local coffee shop, but he wants to increase sales through his website. In order to do this, he wants to put a QR code on the tables that links to his website so that customers might scan it and buy more coffee. Which of these would you be more likely to scan?

Artistic QR codes are not only eye-catching, but enhance the user’s overall experience when they are told to “scan here.” Their feelings of annoyance are replaced with curiosity, and that might be just what sparks them to buy your product.

To make your own QR code, visit,


Scan here 🙂

When marketers find images that not only authentically represent their target audience but also capture their attention, they become unforgettable. Through these three tools, OpenArt has made accessing powerful visuals easier, therefore helping marketers, big and small, become more successful in achieving their goals.

Start reaching your marketing goals at OpenArt today.

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